PLAYMOBIL History Class


There is so much to learn in history class! Discover how cultures and countries developed! Find out how inventors, leaders and explorers sparked changes in technology, science, and politics! The ancient artifacts and historical texts will help you take it all in
Use the dual-sided blackboard to write out lessons, and when class is over, Wash off the lesson with the small sponge
Attach this set to the furnished school building (#9453 – sold separately) for even more fun, or create a complete school scene with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL school theme (#9453-9457 – sold separately)
Set includes one adult figure, two child figures, classroom structure, functioning blackboard with abacus, Desks, chairs, crown, Knights’ helmets, history books, pointer, storage compartments, ruler, artifacts, and lots of other accessories
Recommended for ages five years and up

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