Playmobil Police Command Center with Prison Playset Multicolor, Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 63 x 45 x 26 & Police Roadblock Playset Multicolor, Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 7.5 x 3 x 4.5


Product 1: Reduce crime in the city with the Police Command Center with Prison. This large set has everything you need to protect the city and lock away the bad guys
Product 1: From central control, you can monitor both the prison and the surrounding city for criminal activity. Once the bad guys have been captured, bring them into the processing room to collect their mug shot and fingerprint ID
Product 1: Then, take him to his cell, but keep a close eye to make sure he doesn’t escape through the breakthrough wall!
Product 1: Set includes two officers, one prisoner, police command center with helipad, command tower, work station, handcuffs, desks, chairs, cots, prisoner clothing, sink, toilet, equipment locker, helipad, computers, badges, and many other accessories
Product 2: Divert traffic away from the scene with the Police Roadblock
Product 2: There is debris on the street and the crime scene must be investigated. The K9 is transported in the carrier to the area to sniff out the clues
Product 2: The other officer sets up the road spikes and signs to prevent other cars from entering the area
Product 2: Set includes two officers, police dog, dog carrier, warning signs, road spikes, handcuffs, walkie talkie, and other accessories

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